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Ka-BOOM! New ‘JULY 4’ theme coming!

We’re keeping the new themes coming with today’s sneak preview of colorful and fun theme we’re launching in a few weeks’ time: US INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

This Story Theme is all about hot summer days and warm summer nights spent with family and friends at backyard barbecues … watching spectacular fireworks explode in the night sky overhead — small-town 4th Of July parades up and down main street, waving flags and licking ice cream from a sugar-cone before it melts all over everything… and all the stories and memories that you have of July 4 holidays, and the fun and memories your kids are making now!

Hope you enjoy – let us know if there is anything specific you want to see as part of this Theme.  More previews coming in the next day or two, so check back soon!

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Just have time to jot off 1 quick, cool screen shot of our new Outer Space Theme – page backgrounds and new characters – coming soon to Build A Story for iPad from!

Check it out – we’ll upload a full gallery view tomorrow. This will be a free update to customers who have purchased the full version of Build A Story.

See you tomorrow!

Just a few items placed in the Space Station scene…

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Sneak previews now ready!

We are, as they say, pleased as punch to upload a handful of some imagery and designs from our new Themes that will soon be available via our greatly-updated App.

Today’s theme is … ZOO!  Now – well, soon –  you and your story-loving kids can unleash all your wild talent through more than 40 new characters, objects, pages and backgrounds.  New habitats, all kinds of furry animals, keys, cages (both open and closed), food, rivers, zookeepers and visitors — your stories are about to go wild with imagination and creativity fun and roaring good fun.

Check out a few sneak-peek snaps here — and check back soon for more Sneak Peek Previews from Apps For Kids, on our Build A Story for iPad updates!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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A short note on why we’re here

Over coffee with a friend this morning, we were asked where the initial impetus for developing our app, Build A Story came from.

As it turns out, we had posted exactly the reason why in a guest post at (the excellent site) Moms With Apps some months back.

Here is the full post, but the essence of  what it says can be found in the few paragraphs below. Have a read and let us know your thoughts:

As a child (and as an adult), my love of books was and is boundless. They are among my most prized possessions, and I still have many of my childhood books that my kids now read. 

But the fact remains, while I “own” these books … they “belong” to others.  As much as I love them, there is nothing like learning to tell a great story of your own. That’s why we created Build A Story. We wanted to give children (and parents) some of the themes and characters to develop their own tales and stories – but only so they can create and write the real action that can then take place.

Writing stories is such a fundamental way for a child to express their view of how the world does – or could – work.  From playing with the the laws of physics, to exploring (and expressing) how the child relates to other humans, the essential ingredient in storytelling is imaginative play.

In other wordsit we wanted to create an engaging canvas for expression… Which is exactly what we continue to try to do today. We hope both you, and your kids, enjoy.

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Build A Story is about to be re-built!

After a year or so of great reviews, encouraging sales and happy customers, we’re now kicking off a renewed campaign to revamp, update and greatly improve our little app for the iPad – Build A Story!

We’ll post all the details here in the coming days and weeks, but suffice it to say that this has all come about  thanks to a single and consistent customer request: WE WANT MORE CHARACTERS!!

SO — more characters you shall have! Stay tuned.

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Color My Name Reviewed by The iPhone Mom!

Hooray! The iPhone Mom has had a look at our first app for iPhone, Color My Name, and seems to like what she has seen. Thanks for the positive review Heather… we hope your kids and everyone’s kids continue to have some great, personalized coloring fun with Color My Name!!


Color My Name takes simple coloring pages and jazzes them up with your child’s name. You begin by typing in the name and the app creates twenty-one coloring pages that include your child’s name in letters that can also be colored.  Pictures can be shared via email or printed out. Printing out a coloring page before it’s been colored gives you a black and white coloring page for your child.

I like the personalized coloring pictures and Color My Name’s simple drawings are perfect for little fingers. I like the charm of Color My Name and I look forward to seeing the addition of more coloring pages and customization.


Full Review

Color My Name in iTunes App Store is here



Time to have some fun…

WHOA! That was fast.

Just a few months ago, we felt like dreaming up some fun apps that kids might like and use, just to have an interesting side project to keep our advertising/marketing agency fresh, plus to teach ourselves about where much of our world seems to be headed: mobile, touch, apps, digital content, how and what and where people read.

We chose  kids’ apps, since we have kids and know a bit about what they like, and how  much they enjoy our iPhones and iPads (esp. the iPad!)

So we read a few things, found a few helpers and … voila! Our apps are up and running!

We’ll use this blog to keep everyone updated, jot down notes, collect your ideas and generally see where the conversation heads.

Thanks for joining us.  Please let us hear from you on how you think we’re doing, things you would like to see and hear about from us, or any other thoughts on our apps and business that you’re interested in.


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